IT Services
The information is kept safe and efficient

IT infrastructure

IT infrastructures have evolved over-time and have rapidly expanded. With this growth came complexity and diversity. In a business ecosystem that is constantly changing, flexibility, security and responsiveness within the infrastructure is a top priority essential for success.


IT infrastructure is meant to ensure that information is kept safe and efficient. The IT department is in charge of the smooth operation of the company’s hardware and software infrastructure twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week while minimizing potential downtime and managing critical issues within business hours. Efficient IT services reduce obstacles and, thus, help you pay more attention to the ongoing affairs of your business without worrying about the technical aspects behind the scenes.


Today, it is common knowledge that a solid technological infrastructure and proper digitalization are a prerequisite for the company’s ability to meet its goal. A solid and stable infrastructure which comprise digital communication network, mobility, cloud, and information security can make your business run optimally.

The Services Provided by Qiwies

The technical teams employed by Qiwies possess the skills required to work as an integrated extension of your organization. With help from our global network and tools and thanks to our advanced services (firewall configuration, IP configuration, help desk services, database services and IT configuration management) backed by the vast knowledge and experience of our engineers and technicians – you will be able to pursue your business goals enjoying optimal technological support.

A firewall is a set of associated programs within a network gateway server that protects the resources of a private network from external network users. Firewalls prevent malicious activities and attacks on the network. We provide Firewall Configuration to prevent your business’ network’s data from being compromised.

We provide IP configuration services to our clients. An IP address or Internet Protocol address is a numeric code assigned to a computer or any other device that is connected to a network. IP addresses are essential to the communication between devices like a computer, printer or a server.

Nowadays, network infrastructures are getting more and more complicated. There are numerous factors to consider in the implementation of networks and we are enthusiastic about delivering assistance to you every step of the way.

IT services offer dedicated and comprehensive support for everything that comprises database management. This includes support for design, installation, upgrades, capacity planning and recovery.

Another offered service is complete infrastructure and application monitoring to support your IT enterprise by manufacturing a comprehensive approach for networks, systems, storage, applications, and security. This essential service focuses on reducing the cost of operating your IT system while maximizing its availability and enhancing its performances.

IT asset management

Domain services

assist the Company in the transfer of existing domains

Assist the Company in the research, selection and procurement of domain providers and Company domains, including all accompanying documentation, assessing the security, accessibility and reliability of each potential provider

ensure the timely renewal of the Company’s domain licenses

Computer Information security

you will be able to pursue your business goals enjoying optimal technological support